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Jerusalem Live Miracle Synagogue is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims to provide Spiritual and Educational support to humanity in general. We bridge the geographical distance between Israel & the World through community outreach, and education.

Do you need intervention from God in your Health, Finance or Family?

We invite you to submit your prayer request.
Bring your concerns to God in prayer. Let us pray for you at the Holy Land in Jerusalem.
Our Rabbis are here to intercede on your behalf by praying for you in front of the sacred stones of the Western Wall.
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    Submit your prayer request, and one of our Rabbis will take your prayer to the Kotel and pray for you.

Submit your Request

Your prayer request is holy and sacred. Trust us to keep your name and the content of your prayers in confidence.
Prayer Note in the Kotel
We place your Prayer Note in the Kotel
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Videoed Prayer + Note
We place your Prayer Note in the Kotel
We Pray for you at the Kotel
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Prayer in the Kotel + Note
We place your Prayer Note in the Kotel
We Pray for you at the Kotel
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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few common questions we get regarding prayer requests.

1. Will my prayer really be placed in the Kotel?

Your prayers are important to us and we will ensure it is placed in the wall. Also, depending on the package you choose, we may send you video evidence.

2. How soon will my request be handled?

We have local ordained Rabbis in Jerusalem who are ready to head out to the Kotel every time we receive a prayer note from you. Your request will be carried out within 1 week.

3. Why is there a charge for this?

The charge is there to facilitate Our Rabbis’ movement to and from the Kotel (Western Wall). It also covers video transmission (depending on the package you chose) and logistics.

4. Can I do this myself

Yes. We have several pilgrimage packages available to get you to Jerusalem. We can also help out with your Visa & Accommodation. Reach out to us using our contact information.

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